PureCore EPC-Lite




PureWave Networks Evolved Packet Core (EPC) series combines all five elements required to deploy an LTE system, including: Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (S-GW), and Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW), Home Subscriber Server (HSS) and Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) PureWave EPC is the most cost effective EPC solution making even small LTE deployments commercially viable. Ideal for remote site deployments and small Ad-Hoc networks, PureWave EPC easily scales to serve large mobile networks.

Operators can deploy PureWave EPC on any Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) hardware platform that meets the minimal technical requirements. From hardened laptops which can serve as a mobile core solution offering localized EPC capabilities in military, public safety, ad-hock or industrial networks; all the way to high availability, high performance servers built to the exacting standards of the most demanding cellular operators. 

PureWave EPC is the most cost effective and scalable core solution available on the market. Your network capacity and capability grows with your network. Start with a low cost, low capacity EPC, and simply add capacity and users as your business grows.

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