The Challenge AireArk’s challenge was to find a 2.5GHz wireless solution capable of delivering advanced broadband services in NLOS conditions, to education and government facilities.

The Solution PureWave’s award winning Quantum base stations in the 2.5GHz band.

The Result Using PureWave Quantum base stations, AireArk is able to provide broadband services to education and government customers, replacing expensive leased-line solutions and greatly expanding download speeds offered to subscribers. AireArk is now able to confidently expand services to nearby towns and beyond.

Broadband Performance in Deep NLOS conditions After testing equipment from multiple vendors, AireArk began testing PureWave’s 2.5GHz Mobile WiMAX base stations. To test the PureWave Quantum’s NLOS capabilities, AireArk field testers took a laptop using a WiMAX USB wireless modem into a building located approximately half a mile from the base station site. Well into the building, the laptop was still solidly connected to the base station. To test the link limit, the testers took the WiMAX connected laptop into a concrete vault and shut the doors. The laptop remained connected to the base station, at broadband speeds, following this demonstration. “That pretty much sealed the deal for us. This is big for us," said David Wells, General Manger of AireArk-SATCO.

With PureWave Quantum base stations now in operation, AireArk is adding new customers every day. One of the first customers on the network was the Arkansas Law Enforcement Academy and Training Center. Prior to switching to PureWave Quantum based wireless network, the Academy used a lease line service and was getting a total of 256Kbps for the entire facility. "Each user now gets 3 Mbps," said Ken Jones, Director of the Academy. "The new WiMAX service is changing the way we do business here at the academy. Not only is the academy staff seeing a dramatic improvement in productivity, but our cadets are now also able to sign up for broadband service during their twelve week training program."

This impressive level of service, even in difficult non-line-of-sight conditions is a hallmark of the PureWave Quantum family. With up to 6 antennas operating in concert, PureWave Quantum base stations deliver an unmatched link-budget that delivers wireless service where lesser base stations simply fail.


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