What our customers have to say about us

  "...we were able to achieve similar coverage in the 3.65GHz band as we were seeing with our legacy 900MHz equipment but deliver up to 5 times the capacity..."
- Charles Boening, Cal-Ore’s Network Manager

  "This is very positive for our community…The educational facilities in our area are enjoying advanced broadband services over a state-of-the-art 4G wireless network"
- Larry Gates, Director of Public Utilities and Public Works at Chanute


  "We evaluated a range of other vendors and selected PureWave on the strength of their innovation, advanced technology and their ability to integrate seamlessly with the older equipment we had already deployed."
- Eric Stakland, CEO

  "The ability to deploy high-performing base stations in an all-outdoor configuration is a winning combination that is greatly reducing our network deployment costs."
- Frank May, Chairman of EMAXX Telecom Network Group

  "We are now rolling out an advanced Mobile WiMAX network to serve our rural communities. This is the same 4G wireless technology used by some of the biggest cellular operators in the country, and we are expanding beyond our traditional territory."
- David Wells, General Manger of AireArk-SATCO

  "Before making our selection we tested PureWave’s gear in the field against our existing vendor’s equipment and we were blown away"
- Garrett Wiseman,  CEO


  "We have been testing WiMAX gear for years, but have never been able to find a WiMAX solution that works for us economically as a rural operator"
- Chad pots, CTO


  "As we migrate our wireless network from proprietary equipment to more advanced and capable mobile WiMAX technology, we need a solution that is powerful, simple to deploy, easy to maintain and cost effective, all at the same time"
- Lee Miller, President and CEO

  "We at Razzolink have deployed and tested WiMAX base stations from three leading vendors. We have decided to standardize on PureWave Quantum base stations for reasons which include reliability, ability to utilize market sourced CPE, service and price.  After working with Purewave for over a year we believe that their product will allow us to be nimble both with regards to our expansion into new markets and in converting existing customers to our new Mobile WiMAX network."
- Tony Iacopi, CEO
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