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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Santa Clara, May 21, 2013  –  PureWave Networks, a rapidly growing developer of LTE small cells and Mobile WiMAX base stations, today announced that it was selected by AERO as the operator’s wireless infrastructure provider. AERO will initially be deploying the award winning PureWave Quantum 6600 Mobile WiMAX base stations as part of an on-going network upgrade in the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, with additional network expansion to follow. 

To date AERO has deployed a total of 60 PureWave Quantum base stations, with 90 additional base stations planned for deployment once spring weather permits. Winter conditions in Karaganda are some of the harshest in the world, with January average daily high temperatures only reaching minus 9 degrees Celsius (16 degrees Fahrenheit). 

“With such difficult weather conditions, we expect our wireless network equipment to be rugged and robust and PureWave base stations are designed for such conditions,” said Stepan Vadyunin, CEO of AB Group, AERO’s parent company. “In addition to being tough enough to be deployed outdoors in our challenging climate, PureWave Quantum base stations delivered a powerful upgrade to our network. Our previous WiMAX base stations reached their capacity at about 80 subscribers and provided limited indoor coverage. With PureWave we have been able to support up to 300 subscribers per 3-sector base station, and we still have capacity to spare since we can now deliver service over 10MHz channels. This makes all the difference for making our business case work in a challenging competitive environment.”

AERO’s wireless network currently covers a total of 1 million pops in a territory of approximately 500 square kilometres. AERO operates in the 2.3GHz band and offers data and VoIP services to a diverse customer base that includes everything from financial institutions – where AERO provides connectivity to banks and ATMs – to residential customers. Plans call for the network to continue expanding using PureWave Quantum base stations, with additional coverage areas to be announced at a later date. 

“AERO’s deployment environment is one of the most challenging in the world,” said Don Meiners, PureWave’s CEO. “After two previous WiMAX vendors were unable to live up to AERO’s demanding performance criteria, we are proud that AERO selected PureWave for its network upgrade and that PureWave Quantum base stations are able to deliver the goods. While other vendors have retreated from the WiMAX market and have abandoned their customers, we continue to grow our global customer base, and our PureWave Quantum base stations now power over 160 commercial networks around the world. With a robust product portfolio that includes both LTE and WiMAX offerings, we continue to offer operators the ability to choose the technology that is best for their networks and market needs.” 

For more information about PureWave and its products visit: pwnets.com

About PureWave NetworksPureWave is a rapidly growing, privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley. A small cell pioneer, PureWave has commercially introduced multiple generations of small cell and compact 4G wireless base stations, starting with the 2009 launch of PureWave Quantum 1000. 

PureWave’s product portfolio includes the PureWave Constellation, a family of advanced, small cell LTE base stations that deliver jaw-dropping peak data rates of up to 1Gbps of LTE capacity and offers an array of advanced options, including multi-channel and multi-frequency support, advanced SON and traffic shaping. The company’s PureWave Quantum family of award winning, outdoor, mobile WiMAX base stations is selling around the globe and has been deployed in over 160 commercial networks. More information at: pwnets.com. Follow PureWave on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

For additional information, please contact:
Ronen Vengosh, VP Marketing & Business Development, PureWave Networks, Inc.

About AB GroupAB Group is a rapidly expanding, privately held group of companies located in Central Kazakhstan. The first company in the group was established in September 2001 obtaining its frequency licenses in late 2007 for some cities in the regions near Astana. The company has outstanding experience with state of the art 4G technologies and a team of young skilled professionals. The sales growth p.a. is roughly 20-30 % p.a. even through the difficult years 2008-2009. 

AB Group operates under the retail brand AERO based on 4G and corporate brand AsiaBell utilizing its own IP/MPLS regional network. More information at: aero.com.kz and www.asiabell.kz.

For additional information, please contact Vladimir Lepeshkin, Director of Marketing, AB Group.
Phone +77212908902 E-mail:

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