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Lyra 200 - A PureWave Constellation Multi-Mode, Single-Band Small Cell Base Station Base Station

Lyra 200 is an advanced multi-mode, single band small cell base station, built to deliver carrier grade performance at an affordable price for indoor applications. Lyra 200 supports up to 128 active users, while providing simultaneous LTE, WCDMA and WiFi coverage (or a combination of these technologies chosen by the operator). Lyra 200 features an elegant 1.4 liter enclosure and is powered through an Ethernet connection.

Like other Constellation Lyra base stations, Lyra 200 is designed for simple mounting on wall or ceiling. With PureWave’s unique LightTouchTM technology, most basic configuration and provisioning operations are automated, making large scale deployment a breeze. Lyra base stations feature onboard GPS, SyncE and 1588 capabilities and are passively cooled, avoiding noisy and failure-prone fans.

Despite their size, Lyra base stations are fully capable, highly-integrated devices that can connect to the core either directly or through a gateway, using standard interfaces. With transmit power options as high as 250mW per antenna, up to 4 antennas, and support for up to 2 simultaneous bands, Lyra base stations are positioned to flexibly meet the most demanding requirements of today’s capacity and indoor coverage challenged operators.

Lyra base stations are members of the PureWave Constellation family of advanced small cell solutions. PureWave Constellation base stations are designed to deliver astonishing performance in both indoor and outdoor environments and play well with other base stations in a HetNet environment.

PureWave Constellation is a star among small cells. 

PureWave Lyra 200 Highlights:
  • LTE, WCDMA, and WiFi in a Single Box – Bring your entire network capability indoors.

  • Multiple Core Connectivity Options – Connect to the core either directly or through a gateway.

  • Easy to Deploy – Single cable installation.

  • Easy to Provision and Configure – PureWave LightTouchTM technology makes configuration a breeze.

  • Attractive design – A small, yet bold design.

  • Wall or Ceiling Mount – Designed to be deployed in any orientation.

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