PureWave Quantum WiMAX Base Stations
 Purewave Quantum 2200 WiMAX Base Station
PureWave Quantum 2200 Base Station: The Road to WiMAX Profitability
The PureWave Quantum 2200 series of Mobile WiMAX base stations offers operators the ability to deliver advanced wireless services at an affordable price. While offering a smaller link budget than the PureWave Quantum 6600 series of base stations, the 2200 series is built on the same platform and offers the same advanced performance and service capabilities offered by the 6600 series.

Ideally suited to campus environments, coverage of small communities, corporate private networks and filling holes in network coverage which do not require the full capabilities of the 6600 series

PureWave Quantum 2200 base stations are simple to deploy virtually anywhere; on utility poles, walls, rooftops, cell towers, without the need for expensive remote RF heads. It can also operate in conjunction with an ASN-GW or in a stand-alone configuration, with no ASN-GW. This ability makes even small WiMAX deployments profitable.

PureWave Quantum Base Stations operate as part of an open, standards-based eco-system that allows customers to choose best-of-breed components from CPEs to ASN-GW. With its software defined radio (SDR) architecture, over-the-air network software upgrades are easy and convenient, ensuring long-term investment protection.

PureWave Quantum 2200 Base Station Series Highlights:Impressive Performance
  • 2 Rx and 2 Tx antennas
  • Up to 2W per antenna (subject to local regulations)
Future Proof
  • SDR architecture
  • Remote field upgrades
Mobile WiMAX (802.16e) Compliant
  • Available Stand-Alone Mode
  • Can operate without ASN-GW
  • Reduced core network costs
  • Support for industry leading ASN-GW & mobility services
Channel Size: 5 MHz, 7MHz & 10MHz
  • Improved usage of limited 3.65GHz spectrum with 7MHz channels
  • Higher capacity for loaded sectors
  • Support for 3.65GHz band upper 25MHz coming via software upgrade
Supports up to 200+ simultaneous connections

Ease of deployment
  • Deploy on towers, utility poles, walls and roofs
  • No shelter or air conditioning needed
  • Requires only power and Ethernet
  • Can be deployed by one technician in two hours
    with no special equipment needed
  • Centralized CPE provisioning via AAA server
PureWave Quantum 2200 Series is ideal for: Small Urban Cells
Delivering extra capacity where it is needed, in a dense urban environment.

Serving small communities
Delivering wireless broadband service to small communities which do not require the full capabilities of a PureWave Quantum 6600 base station.

Campus Environments
Delivering voice and data services over a wide area network in large corporate and educational campuses.

Disaster Recovery
Creating emergency wireless broadband networks to assist in recovery and rebuilding efforts following disaster.

Municipal Private Networks
building municipal wireless networks for a range of applications, including public safety, city communications, public municipal networks and more.

PureWave Quantum 2200 Series
HW Platform Comments Frequency Notes
Quantum 2236 2x2 - 2 Tx and 2 Rx 3.65 GHz Available
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